After Breakup.

After I broke up, my ex boyfriend got engaged within 2 months. He got married after 6 months of his engagement. This was hard for me to digest for first time. But now I am fine with it. I recently stalk his profile and his wife too. She was pretty. He looked the same, red eye. They looked so happy. He bought a car too. He seems to be living his life happily. I don’t know what to feel like. I am single and alone. I felt weird and lonely. Ya I know I broke up but we had our reasons. May be I was not expecting what has happen now.

Is love becomes so complicated ?

I am in love or in a relationship with a boy. Love was first so romantic and it was like a fairy tale. But how that much love can become a curse for you? I have many questions in my mind and I want answers for that. I don’t know whom to blame. Sometimes it feels like may be I am the wrong person.

Do you becomes a bad person when you scold your partner for his own goodwill? I scold him because I love him and so that we have great future ahead. But sometimes it turns around and cause a fight. What do we call this a miscommunication or what?